Life Coaching Book Preview

This life coaching book is not about telling you what to do, nor ramming spiritual ideas or practical ways that have worked for me down your throat. This book is about guiding and reminding us how to access ourselves, with far less fuss, as we are truly our own experts.

We have just forgotten how to access our natural inner guide with ease more often, as we interfere with ourselves constantly with excessive limiting worrying thoughts. We get carried away mindlessly for far too long, which means slowly edging our true self out, losing ourselves along the way, again and again…

This book is about coming home to the real genuine you and to finally own and be at ease with your self-trust, courage and thoughts. Instead of looking for your home or where you belong outside your self without realising, you need to go home first to find your natural secrets, already waiting for you!

We like to own a lot of things but we will never truly own these things that we give up our life or soul for. In the end we must give them away, whether we like it or not…

Now the funny thing is that the only two things that need to get owned are our courage and self-trust which open the gates to everything else… I mean, how can one truly love without first trusting oneself? How can one be at their best without self-trust and courage, which fires up the desire to do things boldly and shifts fear aside!

These are the key things that clearly need looking at so they are fully understood and ready to be acted upon, with less thinking. However, self-trust, and courage only happen if one is genuinely ready for accessing one’s self instead of looking or listening to “our confusing mind led stranger” that we allow to take charge of us most of our lives.

The question is, do we want to be led by our stranger most of our lives and have huge regrets when it is too damn late or do we want to trust, lead ourselves to where we genuinely and boldly want to be earlier in our precious life, before our short winters and summers are spent?

Wrapped around all this are the three words that always take us into fear, worry and completely non-resourceful states. They are BLAME, ANALYSIS and JUDGEMENT. Each of these words rarely helps us, nor kicks us into helpful productive actions generated from love and less destructiveness in mind. Instead they give rise to hate, jealousy, contempt, anger, irritation, and much worse! These words take our energy away and these words get charged with unhelpful emotions that lead us away from our genuine self and truth, to our strange lost self, “the stranger” in us. These words and the thoughts that come from them seem to always lead to both our mind and ourselves getting lost!

These three words are the centre of the web. When they are not the point of focus anymore, the web’s strength and energy taking charge simply gets weak and gets blown away for certain. This means that the only thing left will be the genuine truth, awareness and the ability to observe one’s own mind and everything else around. This makes getting pulled into all that unhelpful drama with words for far too long impossible! It may seem difficult to get this at this point, but it will certainly get clearer without a doubt in the body of this book.

The funny thing is we can’t even see our thoughts, unlike the stuff we fill up with and call food or nourishment. We can’t even touch nor smell them. It’s just a memory strap that has been given so much charge and so much weight that it’s killing us and it kills us so slowly and sometimes faster depending on how much charge we give our unhelpful thinking… or worse we get lost in our heads for so long that our genuine life stops.

It doesn't matter if we die today or if we die tomorrow, we are already dead, because we are not here anymore. We are stuck in the past or wherever we are. It is only a stranger that is present or here now, a complete stranger to our true self, and we feel it and know it, hence we are miserable. No matter what we do to escape or run, we always find this stranger, again and again… and yet we know it is not us for certain. No wonder we lack courage and self-trust to even start! So we keep slipping back every time we start to move forward!

In practising and observing the simple basic things which we forget or don’t know yet. Our mind and head will be seen or heard when it’s not helping us. This is needed and must be seen honestly without judgement, blame or analysis.

This is the purpose of and the beginning to it all, so we can genuinely start without the constant slippage and self-doubt!

We need to make this so clear, so simple and obvious for us to realise that we are our own expert, and our own guide. The genuine truth is in us, it is only revealed when we are ready. It’s been said in many ways before but literally it is true. In this book we will bring your truth realistically closer towards what you can definitely do, without too much fuss, jargon or effort, this I promise you… you will be shocked at how easy the work, including better habits and practising it will be. It will get you to finally have strongers roots, so your genuine courage and self-trust finally comes out. This leads to genuine self esteem (without the ego excessively strapped on & reactive)... from here everything else grows for you with ease, even when things are challenging and everyone else also benefits by default!

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