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Dr Paul Fashade teaches us how to take control of our lives and vastly improve our focus and confidence in his inspirational new book Be Surprised: Own Your Courage and Self-Trust

According to respected personal development and mind therapy expert Dr Paul Fashade, we as individuals are largely responsible for failing to unlock our true potential. In his bold, uncompromising and at times brutally honest book, Be Surprised: Own Your Courage and Self-Trust, Fashade provides practical and encouraging advice designed to help us become the people we really want to be. Most of us are guilty at one time or another of allowing our lives to be governed by fear and anxiety. We give credence to our most negative thoughts and let them dictate the direction of our lives as well as our general attitude to the people and the opportunities around us. In essence, we doom ourselves to professional and personal failure by accessing only a narrow part of ourselves rather than the wonderful whole.

Fashade believes that in escaping the painful and destructive cycle of blame, analysis and judgment, in which many of us can be trapped, we will all be able to channel the positivity generated from moving away from emotions such as hate, jealousy, anger and bitterness which are ultimately counterproductive if not utterly futile. In Dr Fashade’s words, “We create our own hell through fear.”

Be Surprised: Own Your Courage and Self-Trust is fundamentally about learning the tools to help build your backbone, not your wishbone and is based on Fashade's fifteen years of experience as a Life Coach. During this time Fashade has developed his own, unique methods of improving his clients' self-esteem, their drive and their attitude to life, setting them on a healthier and more fulfilling path by encouraging them to accept their responsibility to follow their own guides across life's challenging terrain. Fashade has tremendous faith in people - they are his passion - and his overwhelming desire with Be Surprised: Own Your Courage and Self-Trust is to help others overcome the psychological and emotional obstacles and the poor learned behaviour preventing them from moving forward in positive action in their lives. He advocates isolating and mastering the skills that people have within themselves to cultivate a more positive, assertive mindset, choosing to negate the negative at all times. Innovative and refreshing and in a league of its own within the Self-Help genre, Be Surprised: Own Your Courage and Self-Trust may be of particular interest to readers over the age of thirty who are already burdened by the weight of the rejection, disappointment and stress that so often looms large after the excitement of youth. With Fashade’s sage advice and compassionate support, readers of Be Surprised: Own Your Courage and Self-Trust may yet be able to recapture the kind of unbridled positivity and vigor that is often the preserve of the young.

About the author: Dr Paul Fashade has worked in personal development and mind therapy for over fifteen years, helping individuals and corporations to realize their true potential. Fashade trained as an Economist at the University of London before moving into Life Coaching, having studied Neuro Linguistic Programming, Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy, Noesitherapy and Hypnotic Pain Control extensively both in the UK and the US. For ten years he worked with the Ministry of Defense, during which time he was responsible for educating and motivating the military’s most senior staff, improving performance with his inventive but effective methods.

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